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Chicago Bulls Rookie Marquis Teague Finally Signs His Contract

Marquis Teague is no longer the last unsigned first-rounder for the 2012 NBA Draft to sign their rookie contract.

Much was made last week on Teague's contract status and many fingers began to point at yet another of example of the Bulls being cheap after an incensed fan base considered it a sign of disrespect that the front office didn't seem to be interested in making moves to help the team remain competitive in the absence of Derrick Rose.

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According to a report appearing in the Chicago Tribune, financials did play a part in Teague remaining unsigned as the team negotiated a first year salary equivalent to 100 percent of what his draft position allows instead of the customary 120 percent that rookies usually receive when they sign their first professional contract.

The signings of Kirk Hinrich and Marco Belinelli -- which put the Bulls into the luxury tax arena for the first time in history -- prevented the team from being able to offer Teague his customary 120 percent in his first year, but he can expect to receive his 20 percent increase on the remaining years of his contract.

So was this really just another example of the Bulls being cheap or was it simply good business?

Well, that all depends on how you look at things.

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