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Do You Know Derrick Rose's Signature Move? ESPN Loves Floaters From The Bulls PG

The NBA in August doesn't produce a lot of top-end storylines for fans to digest, but Beckley Mason of ESPN's TrueHoop network is trying to keep things fresh by looking at his favorite signature moves from stars across the league. Most of his top-10 moves should look familiar to you, because they are part of the repertoire for players like Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Al Jefferson, Tony Parker, James Harden, Luis Scola, Steve Nash and Paul Pierce. Let's take a closer look at what Mason had to say about D-Rose's unique style...

Rose has produced some amazing highlights over the course of his NBA career, but Mason is focused on how he has finished moves after pulling off eye-popping crossovers and tantalizing hesitation attacks:

Derrick Rose's right-handed push shot
It's not quite a floater and it's not quite a runner, but Derrick Rose's phenomenally accurate one-handed pusher is one of the truly masterful shots in the game. Like no player before him, Rose has the ability to go from full speed to a two foot stop, rise up (and often over much larger players) then cooly flick the ball either straight in or off the backboard with sublime touch.

The full list is definitely worth checking out, and some of the moves might come as a surprise to you. For example, did you know that Dwight Howard is famous for his "shoulder tap" technique he uses when attacking the offensive glass? Mason has plenty of gems that can keep you thinking about the beauty of NBA basketball, even during August and September.

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