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Jabari Parker Dropped To No. 2 In Class By Rivals

Simeon High School star Jabari Parker was dropped in the recruiting rankings Tuesday, all the way to the No. 2 spot in the class of 2013. Parker's father, Sonny, was not very happy about the news:

“My son fell because he was injured,” Parker said. “He’s still ranked number one everywhere else. He’s national player of the year with two gold medals, three state championships. What more could he do? The rankings are overrated anyway. In that trophy cabinet at Simeon there are trophies that have nothing to do with rankings.”

Plano, Texas' Julius Randle is now ranked as Rivals' top high school player in the class of 2013. Parker has battled some nagging injuries this summer and has not been at his best in play on the recruiting circuit. Parker has already appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and was feted by that magazine as the best high schooler since LeBron, so he might find some consolation there.

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