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NBA 2K13 Now Includes Scottie Pippen On '92 Dream Team

Scottie Pippen will appear in NBA 2K13 after all. The popular basketball video game made waves recently by announcing its latest next edition will feature both the 1992 Dream Team and the U.S. Olympic basketball squad that took home the gold medal in England this summer. The only holdup was the appearance of Pippen, who was apparently at odds with the company over the fee to replicate his likeness. While even an expensive deal with Charles Barkley was reached, Pippen was left out of the first team photo to hit the Internet, a fact that did not go unnoticed.

On Tuesday, intrepid sports business reporter Darren Rovell revealed that an agreement with Pippen has been reached. He's in the game. What good '92 Dream Team vs. 2012 U.S. Olympic team debate could rightfully go down without the presence of the '90s premier perimeter defender? We have an image of the updated Dream Team, featuring Pippen, after the jump...


The game hits store shelves everywhere on October 2, 2012.