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Dwyane Wade On Derrick Rose's Refusal To Recruit: 'You're Not Going To Win It Alone'

Miami Heat star guard Dwyane Wade has some friendly advice for Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose: step up your recruiting game. Wade says he understands Rose's desire to do it on his own, but in an interview with Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago the Miami guard offered up his perspective on why Rose may have to change his approach going forward:

"When I came into the league (in 2003), when all of us came into the league, you never can tell me that this day would come where I play with guys like LeBron (James) and Chris (Bosh) because I wanted to be the young gun. I wanted to be the one who leads my team to a championship, I had that mentality."

"...This league is very good and you're not going to win it alone. So when you've had a very good team like Derrick has had, you don't need to recruit, but when you've hit rough stages and injuries hit and all these things, and you have a year like we had where we won 15 games (in 2007-08), and now we've got to rebuild back, it becomes a little different. Hopefully, he doesn't have to experience that, but things change."

Wade goes on to compliment Rose and the Bulls, but he might be right that something extra will be needed to reach the top of the mountain in the NBA.

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