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Derrick Rose Injury Update: Bulls PG To Start On-Court Activities Soon, Rehab Is 'Coming Along Great'

The Chicago Bulls are watching the recovery process of Derrick Rose very closely, and in the near future Rose will resume on-court activities, according to a report by Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated. Amick's source says the former MVP is doing well in his recovery, which is good news for the Bulls:

A source with knowledge of Rose's recovery said he's "coming along great" in what has been a five-days-per-week routine in Los Angeles. His upper body is stronger than ever before while he's slowly strengthening his lower body as well. Rose, the source said, is expected to take part in some light on-court activity soon for the first time since his May 12 surgery.

With Rose working his way back onto the court, Dwyane Wade is passing along his sympathies for what happened to Rose last season.

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