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VIDEO: Here's The Derrick Rose, 'Dark Knight Rises' Mashup You've Been Waiting For

The return of Derrick Rose is already being built up to cinematic heights, even if the Chicago Bulls star is still less than four months into rehabbing the torn ACL that should keep him sidelined for 9-12 months. Rose's chief sponsor, adidas, is already hyping up his inevitable comeback with a six-part "documentary" -- basically just an extended commercial selling the resolve of the brand's signature player by showcasing his journey back to the court. I find the entire native a bit overbearing, and that was before the first video in the series -- titled, hilariously, "Belief" -- dropped earlier this week.

O'Donnell: Derrick Rose Will Rise, But His Comeback Narrative Might Already Be Overly Thick

While Rose's return is quite obviously of paramount importance to the Bulls' future, the entirely too premature and ambitious marketing plan surrounding it is something to have a few chuckles over. A friend commented to me the other day that adidas was "literally making a Batman trailer out of D. Rose doing some pushups", and now that idea has gone a step further.

Check out a video mashup of Rose and "The Dark Knight Rises", after the jump...