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Marcus Jordan Fined $250 For 'Disturbing The Peace' After Summer Incident

Marcus Jordan has had a rather busy week as he appeared in an Omaha court on Wednesday, just a couple of days after deciding that he won't be playing basketball for Central Florida during his senior season of college.

Jordan, the son of the legendary Michael Jordan, was appearing in court on the charges brought against him in July for disturbing the peace -- the details of which were rather interesting:

According to a news release, police responding to a call at the Embassy Suites found hotel security trying to subdue Marcus Jordan, who was having an argument with two women in the hotel driveway at 2:11 a.m. CT.

That report also states that it took multiple officers to corral Jordan and that he was "very animated, intoxicated and uncooperative."

Marcus pled no contest to the allegations, however, and was only handed a fine.

Marcus Jordan, son of former NBA great Michael Jordan, has been fined $250 after pleading no contest to disturbing the peace in connection with a disturbance outside a downtown Omaha hotel last month.

It'll be interesting to see the next step in Marcus's career now that both Central Florida and the Omaha incident are behind him.