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Adidas Releases First "Return Of D. Rose" Video

Adidas is producing a series of mini-documentaries chronicling Derrick Rose's rehab and return from his torn ACL, and the company released the first edition on Wednesday. This one — subtitled "Belief" — explores Rose's mindset in the days after the injury and the time leading up to his surgery. One notable nugget revealed in the video is that Rose initially tried to postpone surgery by strengthening his knee via "pre-rehab," but he eventually, of course, went under the knife.

Hit the jump to watch the video.

One other interesting moment in the video is when Rose mentions that the ACL injury has allowed him to focus on strengthening his upper body and his general core, things that he never really did while he was healthy. The video ends with a telling quote: "I wanna be great. I'm gonna be great. No doubt about it."

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