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Matt Garza Injury: Shutting Down For Season Makes Sense To Cubs Starter

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Matt Garza discussed the team's decision to place him on the 60-day disabled list, which will end his season, and agrees it is the right move to make for both his recovery and the team.

"It's just kind of mathematically how it works," Garza said about the team's roster moves. "It's the best move and it gives a guy the opportunity to show what he's got."

Garza continues to recover from his elbow injury, but with time needed to rehab the Cubs don't want the pitcher to rush back with the season's end in sight. While Garza understands the situation, it doesn't mean he has to like it.

"I'm not fine, never going to be fine with it," Garza said when asked about the situation. "But you kind of have to. It is something you're dealt with and you have to accept it in order to get it better. So I'm getting better, been working out and I'm just going to stay ready and when they say it's okay to go then I'll be out there ready to go."

Garza started 18 games this season with a 5-7 record and a 3.91 ERA.

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