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New Notre Dame Football Uniforms: Former Player Jeff Samardzija Not Enthused

Former Notre Dame football player and current Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija told Doug Padilla of ESPN Chicago that he's not impressed with the idea of new uniforms at Notre Dame ... although he hasn't actually seen the uniforms yet:

"We never got any big screens or anything there," Samardzija said about the lack of a video board at Notre Dame Stadium. "They said it was all because of tradition. I don't see why they have to change now but hey, whatever."

Notre Dame unveiled special new official Adidas jerseys yesterday for the school's Soldier Field Game against the Miami Hurricanes Oct. 6. Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick also announced that the uniforms were part of the university's 'Shamrock Series' concept — the Miami game will be the first of four off-site home games in the next four years in which Notre Dame will wear the jerseys. Swarbrick said other locations for future games have been chose, but other than this year's game at Soldier Field, they are not releasing the other locations yet.

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