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NBA Rank: Brian Scalabrine Falls 38 Spots, Enters At No. 487 On ESPN List

Brian Scalabrine isn't even an NBA player at the moment, but according to ESPN's highly debated #NBARank list, America's most beloved ginger-colored victory cigar is the 487th best basketball player in the league. Good to know.


Scalabrine has already been told he won't be back with the Chicago Bulls next season, and seems set to begin his post-basketball career with a TV job for the Boston Celtics. Scal did fall 38 spots in ESPN's rankings this year, but he still beats out 13 NBA players + tons of dudes who are very good at playing basketball but not in the Association. As Chuck Klosterman once noted, only in pro sports can you be in the top 500 in the world in your field and still be considered a bum. I can only assume the No. 487 best engineer in the world is very highly regarded.


It's the perfect cap to a big week for Scal that started when he was deemed "the NBA's Sandra Bullock" by none other than longtime Chicago basketball scribe/Sandra Bullock authority Sam Smith. If only we all one day have a week as good as this one.