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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: Bears' Kellen Davis Not Considered Top-20 Tight End By SB Nation

The Bears' Kellen Davis is absent from SB Nation's ranking of the top 20 tight ends in fantasy football.

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The Chicago Bears have an emerging pass offense in a league that's utilizing tight ends as receivers more than ever, but the team still doesn't have a top fantasy player at the position for next season. Over at SB Nation Fantasy, Ray Guilfoyle takes a look at the top 20 tight ends in fantasy for 2012, and Chicago's Kellen Davis is noticeably absent from the list.

Davis, the Bears' top tight end, has never put up big numbers as a receiver, but Chicago's offense is expected to pass more this year than it typically has in the past. With a big-armed quarterback in Jay Cutler, the Bears are trying to take advantage of their personnel, but Guilfoyle doesn't buy in on a possible Davis breakout in 2012.

In the past, Davis has said that he anticipates a significant increase in production this year, but receiving marks are going up across the league at the position. After catching 18 balls for 206 yards and five touchdowns last year, he'll need to blow those numbers out of the water to become one of the top pass-catchers at the tight end position.

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