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Notre Dame's Jack Swarbrick: New Uniforms Will Give Special Feel To 'Shamrock Series' Games

Notre Dame unveiled new official Adidas jerseys today for the Soldier Field Game against the Miami Hurricanes Oct. 6. The changes are a drastic departure from the classic Notre Dame look, and Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick told the South Bend Tribute that was exactly the point:

Notre Dame's off-site home games -- the fourth of which will be the Miami clash -- are now branded as the Shamrock Series. And the uniform deviations have become a part of that branding.

"Because the game is now part of something that is going to last and has its own identification as the Shamrock Series," ND athletic director Jack Swarbrick began, "we decided in a very conscious way to take this and use this as the one time each year that we modify our uniforms.

Swarbrick also said the school has venues chosen for the 'Shamrock Series' games through 2016, though the 2014-16 locations are still being kept secret.

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