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Groupon's 'Ultimate Chicago Cubs Experience' Deal Will Cost You $30,000

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At least in the mind of this prodding White Sox fan, the 'Ultimate Chicago Cubs Experience' would seem to entail a series of unwelcomed punches in the gut while Wrigley Field crumbles piece-by-piece on top of you, a goat bites your toes, Dusty Baker blows out your elbow and everyone you know calls you a 'stupid loser'. Apparently, the people at Groupon have a different definition of what would make up the 'Ultimate Chicago Cubs Experience', and it can be yours for just $30,000.


Yes, $30,000 will get exactly one lucky fan everything from batting practice to a meet-and-greet with Cubs players to throwing the first pitch at Wrigley. Groupon is saying the package could go live unexpectedly at any moment, so keep those fingers glued to the refresh button on your Internet browser. All proceeds will go towards Joe Ricketts' anti-Obama super PAC.


Just kidding. All proceeds go to Chicago Cubs Charities.