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Bears Training Camp: O-Line Shuffling A Major Concern

If the Chicago Bears learned anything from last Thursday's preseason beatdown from the Denver Broncos, it was that the offensive line has some serious work left to do this preseason. Mike Tice ripped J'Marcus Webb's performance on Monday, to which the left tackle responded with some creative rhymes that probably won't help him protect the backsides of Jay Cutler or Jason Campbell anytime soon.

T.J. Shouse summed up fans' current concerns in a post at Windy City Gridiron on Tuesday afternoon:

The joke last year was about having a guard playing tackle, a tackle playing guard, a center playing guard and a guard playing center. And while the line's performance overall last year wasn't good, we did see some positive things happen before the Cutler injury (23 sacks allowed with Cutler and 26 allowed with the poo-poo platter under center). But the crazy thing to me is just how messed up our offensive line situation is where we have multiple players - make that starters - playing positions different from their primary one. Not only that, but we have guys like Lance Louis going guard-tackle-guard in under a year, or Chris Williams and his wonderful career as a left tackle-right tackle-guard-right tackle-left tackle. In essence, the guy's played a different position each year he's been in the NFL. Even if he didn't suck (which he kinda does), how do you expect a guy to get comfortable and perform at a high level when he doesn't even know what position he'll be playing in a week?

Williams looks to have a legitimate shot at taking the left-tackle position if Webb's poor play continues. It's a shuffle that needs to end for the Bears to be a true Super Bowl contender.

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