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Will Derrick Rose And Kevin Love Be Bonded By Their Common Hatred Of Dancing?

Derrick Rose isn't cut out for modern NBA superstardom. Assuming the Chicago Bulls' point guard returns to full force from the torn left ACL that ended his team's playoff run on contact last season, this is a fact that should remain on display every February for the foreseeable future.

Local rappers BBU scored an Internet hit a few years back with a track called "Chi Don't Dance". Rose takes this as gospel. While the rest of his elite-level peers enjoy nothing more than cavorting under the warmth of the spotlight during starting lineup introductions at the All-Star Game, Rose barely even sways. I'm not sure if he smiles. D. Rose is an introverted fellow, he doesn't care for all of the pomp that comes with being one of the most celebrated and widely recognized athletes in the world. Maybe Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love is wired the same way.

Kudos to future first ballot Sports Blog Hall of Fame inductee Blog-a-Bull Matt for drawing the connection on his site on Monday. After Team USA won the gold medal during the 2012 Summer Olympics this past weekend, Love remained still has his teammates got jiggy with it. Remind you of someone?

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As I've bitched about incessantly this offseason, the Bulls are apparently planning to put all of their proverbial eggs in the basket of 2014 free agency. This is sucks and is stupid. But if you're going to throw away two seasons for the pie-in-the-sky chance at a max-level free agent to team with Rose, why not wait another?

Love hits the open market in 2015. Could you think of a better player to pair with our hometown hero? I cannot. Those two could 'not dance' their way to many, many wins.