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VIDEO: Jordan Danks' Walk-Off Home Run Wins Game For White Sox, Fries Hawk Harrelson's Brain

Let me start this off by saying I love Hawk Harrelson. I love how he refuses to say a word when the White Sox disappoint him. I love how he berates any umpire that dares to make a faulty call against the Sox, but will never admit when the South Siders catch a break. His vast assortment of stupid catchphrases are ideal to repeat in various social situations. If I could have any guest on the SB Nation Chicago podcast, it would probably be him. Could you imagine all the Yaz stories? Man, the Yaz stories! It would be a real treat.

Hawk is funny about 99 percent of the time, but he is rarely funnier than he was last night when Jordan Danks hit a walk-off home run to give the White Sox a 4-3 victory in the series opener vs. the Oakland Athletics at U.S. Cellular Field. This just might be my favorite home run call ever. Hawk is so overrun by excitement that he starts exclaiming pure jibberish. It is mesmerizing. Check out the video, after the jump....

What is that Hawk says as the ball sails over the fence and he starts to run out of gas? I've closely inspected this video numerous times, and here's my best guess at a transcription: "That ball hit high and deep. Way back.....raddyrapmoooo......You can put it on the booooard, yeaaas! YEEEAAAAAAS."

So good. Never change, Hawk. I genuinely hope he lives forever.