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2012 Summer Olympics Medal Count: USA In 1st With 94 Medals

The United States and China are the top two nations in the Olympic medal count as usual, but what had been a close battle may have taken a decisive turn in the United States' favor over the last couple of days. The U.S. has won 94 medals after Friday's events, placing them comfortably ahead of Chinese, who have won 81 medals.

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The United States has won 41 gold medals, 26 silver and 27 bronze.

Here is the top 10 following Friday's medal events:

1. United States (94)
2. China (81)
3. Russia (63)
4. Great Britain (57)
5. Germany (42)
6. Japan (35)
7. Australia (31)
8. France (30)
9. South Korea (27)
10. Italy (21)

Check out the medal count video update from SB Nation Studios below.

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