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Ron Santo Goes Into Baseball Hall Of Fame

Chicago Cubs legend Ron Santo was officially inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday. Santo's widow, Vicki, was there to deliver some remarks:

"This is not a sad day,'' Vicki said at the beginning of the speech. "This is a happy day, an incredible day for an incredible man.''

Vicki Santo nicely summed up the Hall of Fame career of a natural athlete who got to the big leagues at age 20 and played 15 years as a third baseman, 14 of those with the Cubs, but fought a daily battle against his disease, which was discovered in a physical after he had turned down many better offers to sign a $20,000 deal with the Cubs.

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Santo finished his major league career with 2,254 hits -- 342 of which were home runs.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago and Bleed Cubbie Blue for more coverage of the Cubs. For more on Sunday's Hall of Fame ceremonies, head over to Baseball Nation.