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Marcus Jordan Arrest: MJ's Son Was 'Very Animated, Intoxicated And Uncooperative'

Marcus Jordan was arrested in Omaha on Sunday night.


The youngest son of former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan has been arrested. Marcus Jordan, a guard at Central Florida, was detained by taken away by police in Omaha, Nebraska after causing a scene outside a hotel.

Here are some more details:

According to a news release, police responding to a call at the Embassy Suites found hotel security trying to subdue Marcus Jordan, who was having an argument with two women in the hotel driveway at 2:11 a.m. CT.

That report also states that it took multiple officers to corral Jordan and that he was "very animated, intoxicated and uncooperative."

Jordan won a state championship at Whitney Young high school in Chicago, and turned in a very solid junior season for the Knights, averaging 13.9 points, 2.7 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game last season.

As our own Z.W. Martin so handsomely detailed exactly one month ago, this isn't the first seemingly hairy situation MJ's son has found himself in, though an arrest certainly appears more serious than any Twitter tomfoolery.

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