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Jabari Parker's Broken Toe Healed Instantly Thanks To Power Of Prayer, According To Father

Jabari Parker's Mormon upbringing and devout faith became a national talking point when when America's top high school basketball player appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in May. Now his father is crediting the forward's faith for a seemingly miraculous recovery from a broken toe.

Parker supposedly sustained a hairline fracture in his left big toe during a recent Team USA U-17 practice when a teammate stepped on his foot. Though the initial X-ray showed the fracture, a second proved the injury wasn't as serious as it was first believed to be.

This is how Parker's father explained it:

"Forty-eight hours ago he had a hairline fracture on his big toe and now it's healed," Sonny Parker told the Tribune on Friday afternoon. "That's the power of prayer."

Parker's father noted on Instagram that the injury is now "complete healed". Tim Tebow could not be reached for comment.

Parker has led Chicago's Simeon High School to state championships in every year he's been enrolled in school. The incoming senior plans to make his college decision in November.