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VIDEO: LeBron James Takes Stage With LMFAO Wearing Vampire T-Shirt

This isn't the first time we've seen LeBron James rap.

Back in the days leading up to his fateful Decision, LeBron James jumped on stage with Drake to do some hype-man work. When the Miami Heat's superstar forward took the stage with the imminently less respected LMFAO last night after winning his first NBA title, he wasn't taking a backseat to anyone.

James isn't particularly likable, especially not if you're a Bulls fan living in this city. He kicked our ass last year, and ducked a rematch this postseason when Derrick Rose was lost for the playoffs with a torn ACL. It is, however, unarguable that James the game's best player, just as he's been for many years. He's also taken a lot of unfair criticism from mainstream media hacks like Skip Bayless.

That's part of the reason why this video of James rapping at the Heat's victory party is kind of awesome. Mostly, we just like the t-shirt he's wearing, featuring with his face as a vampire. Power move, right there. Our own resident hip-hop critic and Heat fan Jordan Sargent called it "one of the great trollbacks in a long time". Staffer Bobby Loesch tweeted: "It's funny because the headline "LeBron James in Vampire Shirt Raps with LMFAO after Winning NBA Title" *would* be believable even yesterday"

I agree with all of these things. Video, after the jump...