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Oklahoma City Thunder Crush Miami Heat To Win First Of Many NBA Titles (A Conversation From 9 Days Ago)

Sometimes truth is stranger than predictions.

This is to say, just a little over a week and a half ago, I had the pleasure to sit down with SB Nation Chicago editor Ricky O'Donnell to discuss the landscape of the NBA after the OKC Thunder defeated the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA finals.

Though our conversation took place merely nine days ago, it's pretty amusing to reread, especially in the aftermath of Thursday's Game 5. While LeBron now sits on the NBA's mountaintop, our faithful editor didn't see it playing out that way. Note: conversation edited for context, brevity, and I also took out a few things I said to make me look better.

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Ricky: Durant could conceivably win eight straight NBA titles. The Thunder are winning it this year. And just wait til the Thunder sweep the Heat next season.

Bobby: In the regular season?

Ricky: In the Finals. The Heat might not win a title.

Bobby: They'll win a title. For sure.

Ricky: They won't, though. The Thunder are winning this title, and next year's. By then, Wade will be washed up.

Bobby: Next year's?!

Ricky: Who the hell is gonna stop them? It's almost a given, unless they get hurt (possible). Only way the Heat can stop 'em is if they get Nash. Yeah, OKC is back-to-back champs for sure. Thunder really could dynasty.

Ricky: The Heat are the Buffalo Bills.

Bobby: I can't believe you think OKC is going back-to-back.

Ricky: Well. Is there any chance they don't?

Bobby: Dallas will be better, the Spurs will be way better, Lakers maybe could get better, Bulls obviously better, *Heat* maybe better.

Ricky: The Bulls are dead, man. The Spurs are going downhill. The Mavs are old. People get old. Father time is undefeated. And the Spurs are clearly old as hell.

Bobby: Haha, you're so weird today. The Spurs almost beat OKC this year.

Ricky: I'm just saying, I think OKC is definitely winning this year and next year.

Bobby: It's reasonable to have that be a theory, but you seem so 'for sure' on this conclusion. Miami is a really, really, *really* good team. Do you see how open their three point shooters are? It's scary, to me. I feel like an opposing coach when I see it how much space they have.

Ricky: Miami will probably have a new coach next year if they don't win this year. So that could help. Miami could still of course win this year, but man, OKC looks really good. I had no doubt they were winning Game 1, even when they were down double digits in the first half.

The Heat really aren't that good. Their role players suck. LBJ is incredible, but Wade borderline sucked in Game 1.

Bobby: The Heat have two of the best 15 players in the world. Three of the best 27. If they have a game where they hit threes, it's a big win. Spo just needs to figure out his rotation. Championships validate players, but they 'make' coaches. Spo was up in the Finals last year. People are acting like he's an atrocity. If a player that young made the Finals, people would talk about potential. When a young coach overachieves but can't finish it out, people call for his head immediately.

Ricky: Their offense is undeniably stagnant. They run no plays. Their team massively underachieves. I think he's OK because he gets them to D up.

Ricky: The Heat are gonna lose in three straight Finals. And then maybe LeBron goes to Cleveland again? I could see that.

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Bobby Loesch is a weekly contributor to SBN Chicago. He can be reached at bobbyloesch [at] Follow him on Twitter @bobbystompy.