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2012 Belmont Stakes: With Triple Crown Hopes, NBC Looks For Big TV Ratings

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The 2012 Belmont Stakes took on extra significance when I'll Have Another won the Preakness and claimed the first two legs of the Triple Crown, and now NBC is hoping to cash in with big TV ratings. Michael Hiestand of USA Today broke down the numbers and without a Triple Crown candidate the Belmont Stakes broadcast has only reached an average of 4 percent of US households, while the four races where the winner would win the Triple Crown since 1978 have extended to an average of 10.1 percent of households.

That second number is higher than some NFL games and marks a huge boon for NBC, so the network is planning on over six hours of coverage for race day. For more on I'll Take Another, be sure to check out an interesting story about his morning routine.

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