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Indy 500 2012: Will Power, Mike Conway Crash During Lap 82

There was a scary moment at this year's Indianapolis 500 on Sunday afternoon as Mike Conway's car was launched into the air after colliding with Will Power's car during the 82nd lap. SB Nation's Jeff Gluck is covering the race, and he described the scene:

Conway had spun around and hit the wall, which then collected Power. But Power's car catapulted Conway into the air, and the No. 14 car rode the wall – with the driver's head dangerously close to the fence – until it eventually dropped back onto the track.

Here's video of the crash:

Neither driver was injured in the crash, but it was scary nonetheless. As Gluck notes, this was especially so after Dan Wheldon was killed during a crash at the last IZOD IndyCar Series race back in October 2011.