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PHOTOS: Philip Humber's Perfect Game Spawned A Couple Cool Pictures

Chicago White Sox pitcher Philip Humber schooled the Seattle Mariners on Saturday afternoon, tossing a perfect game in just 97 pitches. Humber struck out nine on the day and got out of full counts twice in the ninth inning.

Unlike Mark Buehrle's perfect game for the White Sox in 2009, Humber's effort was devoid of iconic or even tense moments. Dwayne Wise's incredible catch to preserve Buehrle's perfecto will always serve as an indelible image in White Sox history, but Humber was good enough on Saturday to avoid those all together: there was no drama, just a lot of really good pitching.

There were two cool photos to come from Humber's perfect game that we'd be remiss if we didn't showcase. Take a look, after the jump.

Humber admiring the scoreboard:


The post-game scene, with Humber's teammates raising their glasses in his honor.


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