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Aaron Lynch Transfer: Notre Dame DE Requests To Be Released To South Florida, According To Report

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have already suffered through the initial wave of transfer-related drama with defensive end Aaron Lynch, but on Friday he requested to be released for transfer to the University of South Florida, according to a report from Mark Schlabach of ESPN Chicago. Lynch is originally from Fort Meyers, Florida, and Schlabach also noted that he is reportedly transferring to be closer to his girlfriend, who attends school in Tampa.

The move is not official at this point, but former Director of College Scouting for the Chicago Bears and current National Football Post columnist Greg Gabriel has some interesting thoughts on Lynch's pending decision to leave Notre Dame:

Many NFL prospects often are under the assumption that scouts are usually just looking at how they play their last year in college. That can't be further from the truth. Good scouts who know their "area" are up to date on everything that happens to a prospect while he is in college and sometimes even in high school. If there are character concerns they really dig deep into the prospect's past because they have to know the answers as to "why." If Lynch does indeed transfer, when he goes through the interview process scouts will ask him about his high school recruitment decisions and his decision to transfer from Notre Dame. The question they will ask themselves is whether or not Lynch is flaky. Can he be depended on? Is he a quitter? Can he handle situations that are tough?

Gabriel worked in the NFL for 29 years as a scout or in a scouting department, so the entire piece is definitely worth a read.

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