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Dwyane Wade's Nephew Shot, Wounded In Chicago

In the most recent incident of horrible gun violence in Chicago this spring, a nephew of Miami Heat star— and Chicago native— Dwyane Wade was one of six men shot in a convenience store on Chicago's South Side. The incident in which Wade's nephew was wounded was one of three unrelated incidents in Chicago on Thursday that resulted in two fatalities and left 13 men injured. In a tweet late Friday night, Wade confirmed that his nephew did survive the shooting:

Wade, along with LeBron James and the rest of the Heat, made waves nationally last week when James tweeted a picture of the team clad in black hoodies in response to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager. After the photo was posted, Wade made the following statement to the Associated Press:

"This situation hit home for me because last Christmas, all my oldest son wanted as a gift was hoodies," Wade told The Associated Press Friday from Auburn Hills, Mich., where the Heat were to play the Detroit Pistons. "So when I heard about this a week ago, I thought of my sons. I'm speaking up because I feel it's necessary that we get past the stereotype of young, black men and especially with our youth."

(via ESPN)