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Final Four 2012: Breaking Down The Conclusion Of March Madness (SB Nation Chicago Podcast)

On the SB Nation Chicago Podcast, Ricky O'Donnell and Z.W. Martin talk about the Final Four. With Kentucky squaring off against in-state rival Louisville and Kansas taking on fellow No. 2 seed Ohio State, the end of March Madness offers an exciting slate of games come Saturday night. Sounds of delight and passion following the jump

Talking points include:

  • Could the Kentucky Wildcats give the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats a game?
  • Hating Ohio State.
  • UNC point guard Stillman White, who may or may not ALL OF US.
  • Anthony Davis' pro potential.
  • Jared Sullinger's NBA future.
  • Sleazy coaches. How big of a deal is a vacated Final Four? Where will John Calipari coach after this title gets vacated?
  • Happy birthday Zach!

Intro: "Get Lite (Tobacco Remix)" by Anti-Pop Consortium
"Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads

Twitter @ZWMartin / @TUP_Ricky

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