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Kyle Korver Knows Exactly When And Why The United Center Cheers

The Chicago Bulls have good fans. They have sold-out Chicago Stadium and the United Center for nearly every game over the last two decades, and even came in strong numbers during the franchise's barren post-Jordan years. But even good fans can have their warts, and the United Center crowd is no exception.

After the Bulls' 108-87 win over the New Jersey Nets on Monday, forward Kyle Korver was asked about the excessive cheers given on the road to Chicago's Brian Scalabrine, the team's ginger-tinted mascot that simultaneously doubles as a victory cigar and white flag. Korver used the opportunity to show he knows his home crowd at the United Center very well.

From ESPN Chicago:

"So there's three incredibly loud cheers every game that you can count on," Korver said. "The first one is when the doughnut races the coffee races the bagel and everyone swears they pick the coffee. The reality is not everyone picked the coffee, but everyone cheers like they picked the coffee. Two is when we score 100 points and everyone gets a free Big Mac or whatever they get. And three is when Scalabrine comes in the game. Guarantee, every single game, the crowd goes nuts no matter where we're at."

I have been making fun of the UC for these exact three instances for years -- though, to be fair, I probably stole it from BaB Matt -- so to hear a player echo it is as satisfying as it is surprising.

H/T: Blog-a-Bull