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Super Bowl 2012 Preview And Prediction: Giants Vs Patriots

This Super Bowl has the potential to be very entertaining.

We have reached the final week of the NFL season. It seems like the lockout just ended, but here we are in February which means the Super Bowl.

I've done pretty well with my predictions during the postseason and hope to keep it going in the finale. I went 2-0 in Championship week to bring my postseason record to a respectable 7-3.

New England 28 NY Giants 24

It seems like everyone is taking the Giants this week and they do deserve a lot of respect. As we learned with the Packers last year it isn't always the best team that win's the championship, but the team that gets hot at the right time. That is what the Giants have done this year. They have been in playoff mode since early December with each game pretty much a must win.

The Patriots have cruised most of the season. They haven't been as dominant as past New England teams, but are still very good. The knock on the Pats this year is they played a pretty easy schedule. Plus if Lee Evans could catch they might not even be here. (Same goes for the Giants and their new favorite player Kyle Williams).

I have a very tough time picking against Tom Brady in the big game. Brady and Bellichek are like the Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant of the NFL. They always seem like they are in it until the end of the season.

I'm sure Tom Brady is still not over the loss they suffered to the Giants a few Super Bowl's back and that's not good for the Giants.

Both teams have question marks on both sides of the ball. Both have Super Bowl experience, and a lot of talent.

This has the potential to be a very fun game and one that people may actually watch and not just for the commercials. I'm taking the Patriots by four points.

Enjoy the offseason everyone. The picks segment will be back in September. Here's hoping you all have a fun and safe Super Bowl.