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Joakim Noah and Omer Asik Join Twitter

It seems likely that Chicago Bulls centers Joakim Noah and Omer Asik have little in common, aside from both being approximately 7-feet tall and playing the same position for the same NBA franchise. Noah is an extrovert of the highest order, a man bleeding with enough personality to become one of the more polarizing players in the NBA. Noah developed a signature celebration akin a WWF wrestling taunt on a whim this season, is know to chide opposing cities, and has a history as an A+ rug cutter dating back to his college years at Florida.

Asik has a massive Adam's apple, which might be the only vaguely interesting thing about him. He appears to be a man of few words, though we can only assume when he does speak, he sounds like Ivan Drago.

Today, the two Chicago big men have something else in common: they both joined Twitter.

Noah apparently joined a few days ago. He follows two people and has one tweet.

Asik hasn't tweeted yet, but the world is anxiously waiting.