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SB Nation's YouTube Channel Launches Tomorrow, Will Be Dope

We interrupt the silent bidding on Michael Jordan's Highland Park estate for a quick transmission from The Mothership: SB Nation is launching its much hyped YouTube channel tomorrow, and if the early output is any indication, it will be very awesome. You should totally subscribe.

SB Nation has ramped up its roster with some certifiable sports/media/Internet celebrities in recent months, and they'll be the face of the daily original content the YouTube channel is set to churn out. We have Matt Ufford now -- the sports blogging deity that went from Deadspin commenter to Kissing Suzy Kolber founder to Warming Glow editor -- as well as longtime columnist and Around the Horn panelist Bomani Jones and former ESPN reporter Amy K. Nelson, to name only a few.

Here's the promo video for "Shutdown Fullback", a college football show brought to you by my personal favorite SB Nation writer ("personality"?), EDSBS's Spencer Hall.

Go to the YouTube channel and subscribe today. You won't be disappointed.