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Chicago Cubs don't think losses will deter potential free agents

The Chicago Cubs feel that their 101 losses a season ago won't deter potential free agents.


The Chicago Cubs lost 101 games last season, but if you listen to team president Theo Epstein, that wont deter free agents from coming in. ESPN has some quotes from Epstein in which he talks about the responses he's gotten from players about playing with the Cubs, saying that free agents believe in the direction they're heading as a club.

"We've been pleased with the expressed desire by players to come play in Chicago," Epstein said at the end of Day 1 of baseball's winter meetings. "Dale (Sveum) is making a name for himself as a manager players want to play for. Free agents recognize we had a good clubhouse. Generally free agents believe in the direction we're going. "

Epstein did go on to say that baseball players are competitive, and that they enjoy the thought of being the catalyst for a struggling team's success. It's a good point to make, but it doesn't necessarily mean the Cubs will be bringing in the top free agents this offseason.

It only means that they're optimistic about bringing in talent. And they have a lot to bring in. Epstein said that they're just trying to get the organization healthier with each passing day, and cautions against getting impatient. That in itself means that the team is likely to bring in more low key additions this offseason as they hope to build a foundation.