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Brandon Marshall wants Lovie Smith to remain head coach of Chicago Bears

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall gave head coach Lovie Smith his support on Sunday following the Bears' elimination from postseason contention.


In the midst of the Bears' late season collapse that eventually cost them a spot in the postseason, it was wide receiver Brandon Marshall who declared that everyone on the team needed to be held "accountable, even if that meant jobs." Marshall was so sincere about his comments, that his eyes began to tear up with emotion.

Therefore, according to the adage made famous by President Harry S. Truman--"The buck stops here," which says that a group's leader must accept responsibility for that group's actions and failures, no matter what--the logic follows that head coach Lovie Smith should be the most "accountable" in Marshall's eyes. But on a Sunday which saw the once 7-1 Chicago Bears miss the postseason, Marshall stood by his coach.

Michael C. Wright and Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago report:

"I can't control all of (what might happen). . .I'll tell you one thing though. I want to end my career with Jay Cutler, (quarterbacks coach) Jeremy Bates, and Lovie (Smith) as my head coach."

What Marshall finds so appealing about Lovie Smith is the support he has from his players. According to Marshall, that type of support is rare in the NFL, and the Bears organization would be wise to hold on to such a commodity.

"Guys are willing to run through a brick wall for (Smith), and when you have a guy like that, it's hard to find."

Marshall also went on the support offensive coordinator Mike Tice, who has come under intense scrutiny for the Bears offensive performance in the second half of the season.

Despite winning in Week 17, the Chicago Bears were eliminated from postseason contention on Sunday after the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Green Bay Packers to take the final Wild Card spot in the NFC.