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Seattle Seahawks turn to 'read option' to beat Bears

Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks used the read option offense late in the game Sunday against the Chicago Bears, and they used in well.


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson used the read option on Sunday to exploit the holes in the Chicago Bears' defense.

Wilson played well all game long, completing 23-of-37 passes for 293 yards and two touchdowns in the win, adding 71 yards rushing as well. His defining moment on Sunday, however, came during Seattle's 97-yard touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the read option -- traditionally a college offense -- played an integral role in that drive:

"I think that as the game went on, I continued to tell the coaches and they saw it too as well," Wilson said. "Hey, especially in that last 4th quarter and in the end of the game as well, the read options wide open pretty much. We have to trust the process and make sure I am making the right reads and everything."

Presumably, Wilson did in fact make the correct reads, as the Seattle offense moved effortlessly down the field. Wilson went on to say that the read option also played a role in the winning overtime touchdown to Sidney Rice.

"The last touchdown to Sidney Rice, we actually had the read option play on, but then we faked it and basically made it look like it was going to be the read option and Sidney Rice became open in the front of the end zone."