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Russell Wilson leads Seahawks past road terrors

Russell Wilson had yet to prove his ability to win on the road this season. That is, until he marched 97 yards for a go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.


Russell Wilson has the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC playoff picture at 7-5, but prior to Sunday, the rookie still had yet to prove his ability to win on the road.

Six of Wilson's first 11 games were on the road, and the Seahawks struggled through those matchups at 1-5. The only road win was a 16-12 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Week 5. So, when the Seahawks found themselves down four-points with 3:40 remaining in regulation and the ball on their own 3-yard line, prospects of winning looked bleak.

But Wilson showed conviction, marching Seattle 97 yards in just over three minutes to take a 17-14 lead. The Seahawks eventually won in overtime. According to Scott Powers of ESPN Chicago, head coach Pete Carroll knew the rookie quarterback had the ability to lead a late-game comeback, so he was not surprised by the outcome. To Carroll, the most important aspect of the drive was that now Wilson knows he has the ability too:

"I think everybody realizes in our locker room, too, that the kid playing quarterback is an amazing kid. We've seen signs of it all along, but he needed this, in my mind. He would never say that, but, just because, he needed it. He's really exciting and I love the way he pulled this off today."

Wilson's exciting rookie season continues next week at home against the Arizona Cardinals. He won't need to exhibit his road game prowess again until Week 15 when the Seahawks travel to play the Buffalo Bills.