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NIU's Jordan Lynch tosses orange at TV following media criticism

Quarterback Jordan Lynch threw an orange at the television after hearing analysts bash his Orange Bowl bound Northern Illinois Huskies.

Dave Reginek

Following Northern Illinois' selection to the Orange Bowl, analysts and pundits sounded off on the injustice of the situation, disrespecting the caliber of the Huskies football team. Quarterback Jordan Lynch was none too pleased.

In a stroke of beautiful irony, Lynch, while listening to analyst after analyst bash his team, threw an orange at the TV. Take that, Herbstreit.

Lynch is the face of No. 15 Northern Illinois following his remarkable season where he passed for 2,962 yards and 24 touchdowns and ran for another 1,771 and 19 touchdowns. ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit was highly critical of the BCS system for its inclusion of Northern Illinois over other teams such as Oklahoma, Georgia and Texas A&M, calling it a "joke".

The Huskies finished 12-1 but lost to a less than stellar Iowa Hawkeyes team. Regardless of popular opinion, the Huskies are headed to the Orange Bowl.