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NHL lockout 2012: Jamal Mayers, Troy Brouwer on latest offer

The NHL has sent another proposal to the players, but it will be a couple days before there is a response.


The NHL have made another proposal to the Players' Union, and many expect it to be the final offer of its kind. If they cannot agree on this proposal, it's likely that we'll see the rest of the season canceled. As noted by CSN Chicago

, the players are reviewing the proposal, but it could take a little bit for them to have a response.

Chicago Blackhawks forward Jamal Mayers said that he's hopeful that this will "finally lead to real negotiations to get back on the ice." He also said that it is a 288-page document, and that it will take a "day or so" for the NHLPA staff to review and get the proper clarification where necessary.

Former Blackhawks player Troy Brouwer said that "guys want to get back to playing hockey," and that if something is going to happen, it's going to happen "in the next week or 10 days." The hope for a shortened season rests on this proposal.