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Northern Illinois vs. FSU: Huskies' linebacker commemorates Orange Bowl trip with tattoo

To commemorate his team's trip to the 2013 Orange Bowl, Northern Illinois linebacker and Miami native Victor Jacques got a tattoo of the city's skyline on his left arm. The fifth-year senior is one of 11 players from Florida on Northern Illinois' roster.


When Northern Illinois found out they'd play in this year's Orange Bowl, it provided Huskies' linebacker Victor Jacques a unique opportunity to not only commemorate the team he plays for, but also the city he's from. Jacques is a Miami native, and decided to get a tattoo of the city's skyline as well as the Orange Bowl logo after it was announced the Huskies' would play Florida State this postseason.

Here is what Jacques had to say about the decision to get the tattoo, via CSN Chicago:

"I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. It definitely had to do with Miami -- but it all came together. The Orange Bowl just topped it off. It was the icing on the cake."

Jacques is one of 11 players on Northern Illinois' roster from the state of Florida, and one of six key players from the Miami area. He graduated from Christopher Columbus High School and spurned offers from several local schools to head north and play in Illinois.

Still, it's safe to say that returning home is an exciting way for the senior Jacques to end his career:

"It's a dream. Growing up here in Miami, watching the Orange Bowl, it's always been the dream. Now that I'm able to play in it, it's something that really sits well. [The emotions] are still going."

Northern Illinois will face Florida State on Tuesday, Jan. 1 at 8:30 p.m. ET.