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Jabari Parker faces Twitter backlash after choosing Duke

Jabari Parker has received a lot of backlash on Twitter for his decision to commit to Duke.


Local product Jabari Parker may have a lot of hype heading into college, but he's getting an awful lot of backlash over his recent decision. According to ESPN Chicago, Parker has been receiving a ton of negative Tweets after announcing his commitment to the Duke Blue Devils.

Parker said that fans are giving him a hard time and they "sometimes forget I'm a kid." He also said a lot of it as "real hateful stuff," but added that it wasn't a problem and it comes with the territory.

Most of the Tweets come from fans of some of the other schools that Parker passed up in order to join Duke. He chose Duke over BYU, Florida, Michigan State and Stanford.

Parker had his own Tweet following the negative attention, saying: "Trying to grow up fast. Act with a lot of class. I want to be respectful ALL the time. Sometimes people forget I'm 17 #strivingforcharacter".