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Jabari Parker draws comparisons to Grant Hill, Paul Pierce

The Simeon star has been likened to NBA greats.

Streeter Lecka

Chicago high school basketball star Jabari Parker, who will play ball for the Duke Blue Devils next fall, is expected to be one of the top picks in the NBA Draft, be it in 2014 or any year after that. At 6'8", Parker has garnered comparisons to players like ex-Duke star Grant HIll and one-time freshman phenom Carmelo Anthony. But Parker's teammates, according to CSN Chicago's Bryan Crawford, liken him the most to Paul Pierce. Parker, for his part, enjoys studying the NBA's best.

"When I watch the NBA, I just try and study individuals, not so much the team game," explains Parker, whose approach is a sound one considering his makeup as a player.

(via CSN Chicago)

Anthony and Hill are solid starting points for Parker, who is a versatile wing who can make a major impact in his first year on campus. With his wiry frame and pure shooting stroke, he's also bound to be compared to Kevin Durant, who had one of the best freshman seasons in NCAA history at Texas.

Parker, of course, can greatly improve his game as he grows, and from there we'll see where he draws from his peers and where he carves out his own space in the game. If he does manage to reach the heights of the freshman seasons of Anthony and Durant, then Duke and head coach Mike Krzyzewski will be more than pleased.