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Bears vs. Cardinals predictions: Chicago heavily favored

ESPN Chicago's experts are picking the Chicago Bears almost exclusively against the Arizona Cardinals, with only one dissenter.


The Chicago Bears sorely need a win to remain in playoff contention on Sunday, when they take on the Arizona Cardinals on the road. On paper, the Bears should be favored to win this, and judging by the picks over at ESPN Chicago, it's all but confirmed.

Twelve of the 13 experts picked the Bears to win the game, with only John Jurkovic being the dissenting opinion. He thinks the Bears' offense will fall flat in Arizona and that the Cardinals will win a 16-13 game.

Of the experts, Jurkovic is tied for the lead in his picks with an 11-3 record. Many of the experts reference head coach Lovie Smith, and how this game is important for his future in Chicago. One called it his "last win," while another suggested that he should be fired if he can't lead the team to a victory on Sunday.

As part of the picks, they also simulated the game on EA Sports' Madden NFL 13. The Bears won the simulation 27-13.