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Bears coach Lovie Smith isn't worried about fan support

Emotion boiled over last week, but Lovie Smith isn't living in the past.


Chicago Bears' fans have witnessed their team fall from the elite of the NFC, down to a pedestrian 8-6, and are now just hoping to find a back door into the playoffs. Despite frustrated fans and players engaging in a back-and-forth last week, head coach Lovie Smith isn't concerned about his team's support from fans at Soldier field.

Emotions boiled over during last week's loss to the Green Bay Packers, their third of the row. Fans booed, which prompted stalwart veteran linebackers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs to bristle back. Urlacher called the fan reaction 'unbelievable', which Briggs questioned misguided passion taking to the radio to discuss how much fans boo their home team at Solider Field.

Chalking it up to single-game frustration, Lovie Smith preached that his team aren't living in the past. Instead looking forward to this Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. Just as Smith is looking to move on, so too is Lance Briggs who said Thursday that fans should behave however they see fit:

"it's well within their right to boo, cheer, cry, laugh, do whatever feeling comes to them"

Losing five games of their last six, Chicago Bears fans will hope that this week their team will bring them plenty to cheer about, because a loss to the Arizona Cardinals would ensure there will only be one more chance to see the Bears in 2012.