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Chicago Bears DT Henry Melton doesn't know, care who the Cardinals' QB is

Chicago Bears' defensive tackle Henry Melton isn't going to waste his time learning about his opponent.

David Banks

Third-year defensive tackle Henry Melton is on pace for his best season in the NFL. While his play this season has spoken for itself, don't ask him who he's gunning for on Sunday. Melton wants the shadow of anonymity to veil Arizona Cardinals' quarterback Ryan Lindley this weekend.

Moving from Kevin Kolb, to John Skelton, now to sixth-round rookie Ryan Lindley, it can be difficult to keep up with Arizona's quarterback position, and Henry Melton isn't going to put the effort in:

"I don't want to know his name [...] I don't even know his number"

Lindley's play this season hasn't been particularly memorable. Playing in five games this season, the Cardinals' rookie has completed just 51.1% of his passes while throwing six interceptions and is yet to register a touchdown. In last week's convincing win over the Detroit Lions, he threw for a mere 104 yards.

Henry Melton is the antithesis of Ryan Lindley this season. With 41 tackles and six sacks, he's separating himself and becoming one of the preeminent 4-3 defensive tackles in the NFL. While he may not know the name of Arizona's quarterback, there's a good chance Ryan Lindley will learn all about Henry Melton on Sunday.