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Chicago Bulls defense again shines in win over Nets

The Chicago Bulls are winning games without Derrick Rose, and they're doing so on the back of a strong defense.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls are putting together some quality wins, and they have a strong defense to thank for that, as noted by Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago

With the absence of offensive star Derrick Rose, the Bulls haven't been putting up eye-popping stats, but the play of the defense absolutely has to be getting better for them to win consistently.

Fortunately, that's been the case this season. On Saturday against the Brooklyn Nets, the Bulls took an 83-82 win primarily through great defense.

Chicago is near the top in many statistical categories. They allow 91 points per game, and hold opponents to an average of 43-percent shooting from the field. The Nets scored 82 points and shot 39 percent, so they did nothing but help the Bulls along with their stat line.

The Bulls have won seven of their last nine games and appear to be putting themselves in a good position for when Rose returns.