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Brooklyn Nets guard C.J. Watson felt like he was 'mistreated' by Bulls

C.J. Watson feels like he was mistreated by the Bulls after having an elimination game loss pinned on him.


C.J. Watson was looking for a little payback on Saturday against the Chicago Bulls. According to NBC Chicago, Watson felt as though he was mistreated when he played for the Bulls, saying, "I thought I kind of got mistreated, but it is what it is."

It's likely Watson is referring to the perception around him following the play that cost the Bulls their shot at beating the Philadelphia 76ers in the elimination game a season ago. Wilson was blamed for the loss, and he said that he didn't consider re-signing with the Bulls after being blamed for the loss.

Watson had the ball when the Bulls were ahead, and neglected to take a foul. Instead, he chose to move up court and passed it to Omer Asik, who was a 46 percent free thrower, much lower than Watson at 80 percent. Asik missed the free throws and the 76ers were able to pick up the win.