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2012 NBA schedule: Bulls host Nets on Saturday night

The Bulls and Nets have similar records, but their position in the season is very different.


The United Center will play host to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night, as the Chicago Bulls look to to build on a ten-game stretch that has seen Chicago win seven games. Here are all your NBA games for the weekend of December 14th.

Both the Bulls and Nets are sitting at 12-9 on the season, good for 4th and 5th in the East respectively. For Brooklyn this represents a small amount of success, but falls short of where they were hoping. After re-signing Deron Williams in the off-season, paired with the addition of veteran talent, it was thought the Nets would take the next step in leading the Eastern conference; early in the season it doesn't appear Avery Johnson's team is there yet.

Conversely, the Chicago Bulls are thrilled with their 12-9 record. It's not that they're happy being barely over .500, but rather than they're succeeding despite being without 2011's Most Valuable Player -- point guard Derrick Rose. When Rose returns his teammates have kept the Bulls in the hunt, and ensured there wont be too much as he returns to form. has your full NBA schedule, here are your games for Friday-Sunday:

Friday , Dec. 14 Away Team Home Team TV

7:00 PM Mavericks Raptors FSW
7:00 PM Lakers Wizards TWC
7:00 PM 76ers Pacers CSN
7:00 PM Warriors Magic GS2
7:30 PM Pistons Nets FxD
7:30 PM Bucks Cavaliers FWi
8:00 PM Celtics Rockets ESP
8:00 PM Kings Thunder CSS
8:00 PM Timberwolves Hornets FNo
9:00 PM Jazz Suns RT
10:30 PM Grizzlies Nuggets ESP
Saturday , Dec. 15 Away Team Home Team TV

7:00 PM Warriors Hawks GS2
7:30 PM Cavaliers Knicks FxO

7:30 PM Pacers Pistons FxI
7:30 PM Wizards Heat WA2
7:30 PM Magic Bobcats FxF
8:00 PM Mavericks Timberwolves FSW

8:00 PM Nets Bulls YES

8:30 PM Clippers Bucks PRI
8:30 PM Celtics Spurs CNE
9:00 PM Grizzlies Jazz SSN
Sunday , Dec. 16 Away Team Home Team TV

1:00 PM Rockets Raptors
6:00 PM Lakers 76ers TWC
6:00 PM Nuggets Kings AL2
9:00 PM Hornets Trail Blazers FSN