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Notre Dame turned $43.2 million in net profit off football in 2011-2012

Despite being dwarfed by larger schools, Notre Dame remains competitive financially as well as on the field.


Financial figures of the biggest football programs in the country were released today, and it's Notre Dame's eye-popping $43.2 million net profit that stands out in the crowd.

With just over 8,000 undergraduates, Notre Dame is dwarfed by bigger universities like LSU and Alabama, however, its favorable TV contract and widespread following has helped keep the Irish in step with their competitors. ESPN sports business analyst Kristi Dosh has Notre Dame ranked 8th in net profit among all teams.

The school's $25.8 million expenditure ranks 4th among teams in the top-ten. The University of Alabama, the Irish's competition in the National Championship, are having success of their own off the field.. Earning $13 million more than the Irish, the Crimson Tide's spending is also far higher, with their expenses totaling $11.1 million more than Notre Dame.

Notre Dame's television deal is a huge reason why they're able to remain so close to larger schools. Their $15 million-per-year deal with NBC universal is one of the most coveted in college football. That deal, which runs through 2015, will keep the school in good stead moving forward.